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Live Streaming on Facebook Using OBS Studio

Multi-channel usability is one of the features that Liveboxintegrates as it helps in distributing content around the globe over multiple mediums efficiently. Through Livebox the users can send their live streaming videos to all media that supports RTMP sources. And Facebook is one such media which is supported by Livebox for 24/7 live streaming.
The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to stream your videos in Facebook live using the Livebox streaming server. Create your channel in Livebox. Go to OBS Studio to encode your video source to Livebox streaming server. From the navigation menu click Manage channels and under manage channels select Channel Dashboard and click Play to preview your video. Now go to Push Destinations under Manage Channels. A Push Destinations window opens, select your streaming channel and then click the Add Destination button located on the right side or the thunder button on the left side to select your destination. A dialog box Share on…

Conducting Speed Test on the Livebox Instacast Encoder Device

To check the performance of the Livebox Instacast (portable hardware encoder), Login the Encoder Settings page. Go to the Speed Test column. Click the Go button to start the Speed Test. The Download and Upload speed of the Encoder device will be shown within a few seconds.

Transcoding Using the Inbuilt Playout and Encoder Software

Adaptive bitrate streaming (Transcoding) is available only in the higher-end versions of Livebox. Create both output and input server channels in Livebox. Then go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu under which click Transcoding. A Transcoding page opens up. Under Select a Channel, select your Input channel. In Output Channels, select the channel where the video has to be transcoded. Then give Turn on near transcoding. Once you give a turn on, the new options for transcoding show up, where you can set the Preset. And then click Save. Note: Both the Transcode Output URL and Transcode Embed Code are generated by Livebox. After clicking save, give Service Restart to get your changes applied and to start off with your transcoding. Then go to Livebox Playout software and click Add File to browse video source from your PC and to add video source in your Schedule Playlist. Your video source is added. So, now click Play to play your video in Playout Preview. You can preview your sourc…