Conducting Speed Test on the Livebox Instacast Encoder Device

To check the performance of the Livebox Instacast (portable hardware encoder), Testing the Speed Test on the device system interface, Login the Encoder Settings page. Note: To access the Encoder settings page from your browser, you can use the IP visible on your Encoderdevice along with the port URL (:3978) provided by the IVB7 team. E.g., Go to the Speed Test column. Click the Go button to start the Speed test. Testing the Speed Test on the device touchscreen Go to the Speed Test menu and click Go. The Download and Upload speed of the Encoder device will be shown within a few seconds.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming Using the Livebox Playout and Encoder

To conduct Multi-bitrate streaming using the LiveboxPlayout and Encoder software, Create your channel in the Livebox streaming server. Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu. Under manage channels, select Multi-bitrate. In Multi-bitrate page, select your channel and Turn On multi-bitrate. Once you turn on Multi-bitrate, the preset options will appear. You can set the required resolution and click Save. Note: You also have an option to edit or set your required preset. Once you click save, RTMP URLs for your resolution gets listed below. Make a note of the required RTMP links and click Save. With each URL of definite qualities (resolutions), the player will adjust video quality to that of viewers bandwidth. The first given URL is the RTMP URL of your channel. The remaining URLs are RTMP URLs with resolutions. Note: The RTMP URL should be used to initiate the live streaming on your server channel. And the other RTMP URLs of resolutions can be used to deliver the same streaming co…

How to Live stream a 360-degree Source Using the Livebox Streaming server?

The Livebox streaming server supports the live streaming of the 360-degree camera and its source. So, to live stream a 360-degree source in Livebox you can’t do in the regular streaming way, as you have to enable a few settings in the player settings. To Live stream a 360-degree source, Login Livebox. From the Livebox dashboard, go to Channel Settings. In Channel Settings, go to the Player Settings. In Player Settings, Turn On the Video360 setting. Then click the Save button beneath the player on the right side. Now make sure that you have connected your 360-degree camera to the encoder. Then stream the video source captured to the channel you have enabled the Video360 setting using the RTMP URL of the same channel. To preview your source go the Dashboard and click on the player and navigate to the other sides captured by your 360-degree camera. Happy 360-degree Live Streaming!

Live Streaming the Videoconference to Livebox Channel/RTMP Servers

How to Stream theLive Video Conference to a Livebox Channel or RTMP Link? Once Your Video conference is started, Go to the more action icon in the bottom right corner. Click on Start live stream from the list. A popup window will be open for you to put the Streaming RTMP URL and Stream key of your channel or RTMP server. Now go to your server and copy the RTMP URL from the Streaming URL option of your channel. Now paste the streaming URL in the Popup box and hit on Start live stream. There you go! Your livevideo conference should be live on your streaming RTMP server channel. From The RTMP server channel, you can embed the Video conferencing contents on your sites or push it to your social media accounts.

Encrypting a Website Created Within the Livebox

After creating your website from Livebox, if your site shows to be Not Secure, then follow the given below steps to secure your website. Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click on Global web settings. A Global Web Settings page opens, under HTTP Settings select your site by clicking the drop-down menu. After selecting your site, click on the Secure this website icon. A request is sent to secure your website. It might take you a few seconds. Now go to your website in the fresh tab of your browser and you can see your site is secured. Likewise, to renew the SSL certificate of your site, click on the Renew HTTPs SSL certificate for this domain and the certificate will be renewed for your website. You have successfully secured your website.

Live Streaming on Facebook Using OBS Studio

Multi-channel usability is one of the features that Liveboxintegrates as it helps in distributing content around the globe over multiple mediums efficiently. Through Livebox the users can send their live streaming videos to all media that supports RTMP sources. And Facebook is one such media which is supported by Livebox for 24/7 live streaming.
The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to stream your videos in Facebook live using the Livebox streaming server. Create your channel in Livebox. Go to OBS Studio to encode your video source to Livebox streaming server. From the navigation menu click Manage channels and under manage channels select Channel Dashboard and click Play to preview your video. Now go to Push Destinations under Manage Channels. A Push Destinations window opens, select your streaming channel and then click the Add Destination button located on the right side or the thunder button on the left side to select your destination. A dialog box Share on…